Blend art and teaching for classrooms or communities

The online Master of Arts in Education: Art Education program is geared toward professionals in museum education careers or those who are currently teaching art in a K-12 school system. The program will prepare you with practical approaches to incorporate art into a curriculum, whether you work with students, educators, museum patrons, artists or community members. This degree does not grant certification to teach art in K-12 schools. 

Prerequisites: Bachelor’s degree in art education, visual arts (studio, graphic arts, art history, or art education), BFA, or museum studies

This online master’s degree has two concentration areas:

  • Classroom Education Emphasis
  • Museum Education Emphasis

"I’m really grateful for the program because it’s all online, so I feel like it’s very accessible for me to do in my off time. Another thing I like about the program is that the courses are laid out in different timing increments. Having an 8-week versus a 16-week class allows me to really focus on the course content. It’s nice to stagger what I’m taking so I can take three courses in a semester, and I feel like it’s a lot more digestible and easier to understand that way."

Kameran Dostal

Art Education M.A.Ed., Museum Education

Career Opportunities with a Master's in Art Education

  • Art Director
  • Creative Director
  • Art museum curator
  • Art museum archivist
  • Exhibit designer
  • Art gallery manager
  • Art program director
  • Children’s museum educator

Benefits of a Master's Degree

A graduate degree helps you advance your career by qualifying for higher positions with additional leadership opportunities. The median salary for those with master’s degrees is 16% higher than for those with an undergraduate degree, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.